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ALFA Fiber

Shrouded metal mesh 3D sand screen

ALFA Fiber

AlfaFiber is a new generation sand screen, which is one of the most promising types of screens. Screens of this type consist of stainless steel wire fibers wound around the main pipe with a specified density, provide reliable control of sand removal under the most severe operating conditions. These are durable, reliable filters that do not require special equipment for run into the hole. Due to the volume 3D filtration, the screens create a low pressure drop, have a tortuous channel for reducing the fluid velocity and reducing erosion, which increases the life of the well. AlfaFiber shows excellent filtration rates over a wide range of conditions, reduces the risks of plugging wells even in situations of unknown granulometric composition of the dispersed fraction. Due to the large open inflow area, this type of sand screen can be successfully used for both high-viscosity oils and gas wells.

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                    High open filtration area (35-40%)

                    The initial permeability of the screen reaches 3000 Darcy

                    Three-dimensional filtration of impurities

                    The pore size of the metallic fiber is from 50 to 600 microns

                    High strength to tensile, compression, bending, torsion loads

                    Use of stainless steel materials AISI 304, 316


                    The use of the type of screen to prevent sand and mechanical pollution during the operation of oil and gas wells

                    Operation of wells in difficult geological conditions and conditions of insufficient knowledge of the granulometric composition of the deposit

                    Applications in a wide range of conditions for the produced fluid for both high viscosity oil and gas wells.

                    Use in water wells

                    Applications in variants of vertical, directional and horizontal wells


                    Effective 3D filtration technology

                    Providing the necessary strength and rigidity of the screen structure during running in hole and operating

                    Strong resistance to erosion and corrosion

                    Drainage layer ensures uniform distribution of fluid along the base pipe

                    Can be used in conditions of insufficient information on the distribution of impurity size

                    Increasing the durability of the use of equipment

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