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Slotted Liner


AlfaSlot – one of the simple variants of the sand screens. The slotted holes are cut through the base pipe mechanically. Slotted filters are produced on a special machine with a set of saws for cutting slots of the base pipe. The width of the slots varies from 0.3 mm to 4-6 mm.

The productivity of the machine depends on the size of the slot, the time of cutting the slots increases with a decrease in the width of the slot. The slots have a rectangular shape. Longitudinal form of slots is used. The slicing pattern may include double slots or quadruples, located in a staggered or other uniform distribution along the pipe. Using a multiple slot slice pattern allows you to multiply the area of the open surface of the filter. The tolerance of the width of the slot depends on its size, the smaller the size, the less the error. On average, it is +/- 50 microns. The quality of cutting slots is controlled, the treated surface is cleaned from various kinds of mechanical burrs, if necessary, a special grease or wax treatment is possible to prevent rust from occurring before the filter is inserted into the borehole. In the production of slot filters it is possible to use pipes of different standards for materials, pipe diameters can vary from 1.5 to 18 inches. Slot filters are used to equip oil producing horizontal wells in a wide range of conditions. Screens of this type are easy to use and install. Despite the small open surface, slot filters are effective enough for long horizontal wells. When running the liner with slot filters, their strength to different loads is important: compression, bending, torsion, longitudinal stretching-compression, thermal stress. The design of slotted holes is designed in such a way that the product has sufficient resistance to these loads, comparable to the strength of a conventional or perforated pipe. The resistance of the filter to torsional loads is key to the technological downhill of the column into the well, since the descent is performed with rotation and the filters must withstand these loads without deformation of the slotted holes.

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                    High strength to torsion, longitudinal compression, bending, compression

                    Slot width 0.3 - 6 mm, length 50-70 mm, step 75-100 mm

                    The rectangular shape of the slot, the template can include dual, quad slots and different layout options

                    Pipes from 1.5 to 18 inches

                    A small open area of 1-4%

                    The ability to equalize the inflow due to changes in the density of slotted holes along the well


Slot liners are used in a wide range of conditions in oil production. Main applications:

                    Horizontal long-distance oil wells

                    Injection wells and for steam gravity drainage


                    The sand screen provides a steady inflow of produced fluid with sand filtration according to the size of the filter slots.

                    Slotted liners allow you to effectively run into the hole for large horizontal distances using a rotating machine.

                    Slotted liners - simple and reliable solution, which has a high strength of construction.

                    The design of the slots for slotted liner and their distribution along the well allow effective solution of the problems of a uniform inflow.

                    Slot filters - an economical solution, prices are lower than other types of filters

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