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Dynamic inflow control valve

Inflow control in horizontal oil wells under the conditions of changing the character of the zonal fluid inflow makes great impact on oil productivity. The manageable filter is a modification of the downhole filter, allowing the inflow regime to be switched by means of a special sliding sleeve.

AlphaPort allows operators to dynamically manage inflow profile along horizontal wells and achieve optimal well performance from reservoir intervals. The special valve can be switched for open or close position to do operations for inflow control for optimization pressure profile along the well.

AlfaPort is two-position valve specially designed for different applications to control inflow profile. The device can be equipped with special nozzles for inflow control.

AlfaPort can be integrated with different sand screens systems like wire wrapped screens.  We get complete solution in the combination of port and screen.

Operational solutions for switching AlfaPort devices can be accepted based on PLT data or chemical tracer technology monitoring data.

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• Two-position valve switching between open and closed port

• Integration with any models of wire wrap sand screens

• Configured with nozzles that are individually selected for each well for flow control applications

• High quality corrosion-resistant steel materials are used


·         Equalize inflow profile along horizontal wells (open/close)

·         Stop water and gas breakthrough (close)

·         Steam and water injection in Cyclic or SAGD wells to equalize toe to heel distribution (open/close)

·         Clean up operations after liner going in well (close)

·         Safety float liner to depth with minimum torque and drag (close)

·         Inflow control to equalize toe to heel influx pressure (open/close)


• AlfaPort is compatible with different types of sand screen systems, using standard type of thread for joining elements

• Proven design, reliable valve operation, withstands high tensions, device can be use in high temperature and pressure

• Open/close operation can be achieved for one-trip running of special shifting tool

• AlfaPort can be configured with nozzles of different diameters to change device permeability

• Anticorrosion coverage for strong resistance to chemical reactions, protection against leakage into the internal cavity of the valve

• Possible integration with chemical tracers to monitor oil production contribution along the wellbore

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