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Alfa Select
AlfaSelect- is a combination of controllable sand screens with multi-frack system
Alfa Select

AlfaSelect - is a complex devices based on combination of milti-frack technology, solid impurities fluid filtration and zonal inflow control.

AlfaSelect includes a hole assembly consisting of controllable sand screens with switchable port AlfaPort, frack port for mulri-frack and isolating seals.

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  • Different modifications of controllable AlfaPort screens
  • Possibility to use fittings of different diameters to modify the capacity
  • Corrosion-resistant materials with high tolerance to aggressive environment
  • Isolation of casing section in case of water breakthrough
  • Zone flow control for maximum productivity through all horizontal interval
  • Multi frac process through sliding sleeve joint without special milling frac port
Oil production from multilayer reservoirs with  fishbone completion.
  • Protection of proppant flowout after multi-frack
  • Extended service period of the oil pump and downhole equipment
  • Maximum productivity and exploration
  • Equal-pass system
  • Possibility of repeat multi-frack
  • Steady inflow control along the horizontal part of well
  • Elimination of zone breakthrough of gas and water
  • Reduction of gas factor and heavy recovering oilfield

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