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Engineering Support Service

In addition to modeling well work and carrying out engineering calculations, Alfa-Horizon company offers additional services for engineering support of wells. These services are carried out under the order and are based on the using the model for completion design. Such works include:

  • Analysis of hydrodynamic and geological data of a reservoir model to design well completion.
  • Preliminary modeling of the well operation taking into account different completion systems. Comparative analysis of the completion schemes.
  • Rationale for experimental works at the oil fields.
  • Interpretation of chemical tracer research data to determine the inflow profile and water breakage zones.
  • Recommendations on completion systems for specific field development tasks.
  • Preliminary design of the well to justify the quantity of isolated intervals.
  • Selection of the sand screen parameters based on the granulometry data of the mechanical impurity.
  • Analysis of the results of logging while drilling for interval breakdown (placement of packers and sand screens). Coordination of the arrangement and breakdown into intervals with the Customer's units.
  • Hydraulic calculations of completion systems for specific customer requirements:

- leveling of the inflow profile (injectivity) or profile of depression (repression)

- calculations at a certain point in time to analyze the fight against breakthroughs

  • Drawing up of a detailed completion scheme taking into account the existing equipment at the well.
  • Simulation of the liner down to reach bottom hole and recommendations for lowering the equipment.
  • Calculation of the economic effect of the use of autonomous inflow control devices for wells in conditions of high water cut and in zones of potential water or gas breakthrough.
  • Working out of the scenarios of work of a chink in conditions of break of water or gas.
  • Subsequent maintenance of well operation for optimization of oil field development:

- transition to a different mode of operation of wells

- plan development for the opening / closing of certain valves прогнозы

                - analysis of water and gas breakthroughs


  • Design of the completion of the well
  • Forecasting the breakthrough of gas and water into the well
  • Optimization of oil recovery in the well
  • Minimizing the risks of safe lowering of the liner equipment
  • Planning the use of managed filters, inflow control devices, hydraulic packers
  • Economic effect of the using completion equipment

Advantages of the engineering support service:

There are several advantages when using customer support services:

  • Complex approach to the tasks of optimization for completion system.
  • Analysis of requirements and data for choosing the optimal solution.
  • Development of scenarios for using different configurations for completion of a well.
  • Reduction of risks for carrying out important technological operations.

Economic justification for proposed solutions.

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