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114 AICV SandFree Screen
114 AICV SandFree Screen
The 114 AICV SandFree Screen is an excellent combination of strong perforated base-pipe and a tight-fitted Free flow screen. On the outer end of the sandfree screen there is valve mounted, that prevents water and gas inflow from outside of the base pipe into the production string.

The SandFree screen is robust, accurate and tight-fit wire wrapped screen. The advanced wire wrapped screen technology provides superior weld strength and accurate slot openings. The accurate V-shape wires and house shape rods provide maximum strength for the most demanding applications.

A large number of support rods increases tensile strength and achieves rounder and stronger screens. The screen jacket is fully pickled and passivated for maximum corrosion resistance. The result is a reliable and robust solution for sand free production of the most demanding vertical and horizontal wells.
  • Tensile, load, collapse strength. 
  • Rotating ability during installation. 
  • High corrosion resistance due to passivation
  • Very accurate slot opening: +/- 15u on average – 12u std-deviation    
+/- 35u dispersion on 95%                                                
+/- 45u dispersion on 99,7%  
  • High flow capacity with HD HF wires
  • Minimum risk scaling up due to standoff support rods
  • Uncomplicated installation


  • Horizontals
  • Short-radius
  • High pressure temperature
  • High rate Gravel pack
  • Frac pack - Through tubing
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