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3D Filtration Technology
3D Filtration Technology


Searching for effective ways to control sand production in horizontal wells is one of the priority tasks for oil recovery. Recently, three-dimensional filtration technology, based on the use of special metal fibers, has been used as filters that cut off the mechanical impurity. The filter surface consists of stainless steel wire fiber, which is wound onto a base pipe with a specified density. This type of sand screens provides control of sand production in difficult operating conditions. This technology empowers to create strong, effective screens of high reliability, for which no special equipment for descent is required. The use of volumetric 3D filtration allows to ensure low pressure drop, to reduce erosion and to increase the life of the well.

AlfaFiber is a new generation sand screen developed using 3D filtering technology. The filter has three elements: a perforated base tube, layered filtration jacket (uneven pore structure) and outer shroud. It should be noted that to maintain the parameters of high permeability of the filter surface from pressed stainless steel mesh, the design of a protective shroud with a maximum open area should be used, since a casing with a low open surface can significantly reduce the advantage of the filter layer. In this case, only it must preserve the strength characteristics of the sand screen.

Purpose of use:

·         Improve the operational performance of the well

·         Increase the effectiveness of protection against sand production

·         Increase the service life of filtration equipment

·         Reduce the risks associated with damage to equipment during downhill and operation

Main goals:

·         Increase the open filtering area and reduce the hydraulic resistance of the sand screen

·         Use the three-dimensional filtering effect to extend the life of the equipment

·         Use the advantages of a stainless steel mesh medium with non-uniform pores to increase the permeability of the filter

·         Achieve high strength characteristics of the sand screen product


·         Advanced filtration technology

·         The possibility of reducing the cost of technological operations of descent, backwashing

·         The solution for completion can be made under conditions of a poor knowledge of the composition of the impurity phase

·         Possibility of application with inflow control devices and chemical tracers to monitor zonal inflow

·         The solution represents an alternative to mesh, gravel and wire wrap sand screens and has competitive advantages

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